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Roll for Adventure

You have completed your four quests and have the Magic Scroll, the Enchanted Kite, the Wizard’s Wand, and the Invisibility Potion stowed in your packs. Now that you have collected the necessary tools, you begin to carry out your plan to get back your stolen gold.

You head up the mountain to the dragon’s lair, where a small army of trolls awaits you across a raised bridge. You ask nicely, but the trolls’ bloodthirsty growls make it clear that they have no intention of letting you across safely. Well, it was worth a try. You get out the Invisibility Potion, each taking one sip, and immediately vanish. Now that you are invisible, you grab hold of your Enchanted Kite, fly past the guards, and land safely on the other side of the bridge. Before the dragon gets suspicious, you act fast, grabbing your Wizard’s Wand and Magic Scroll. As you read the incantations off the scroll, a faint beam of blue light shoots from the wand. As soon as the light hits the dragon, it falls asleep and begins to snore. Careful not to wake it, you quickly grab your lost treasure and make haste out of the lair, giggling (very quietly) at your cunning, ingenuity, and all-around awesomeness.

Now that you’ve completed your quests and stolen back your gold, is your adventure party ready for some REAL-LIFE treasure??? Bring your Adventure Party Guidebook to the children’s desk at the Glencoe Public Library to retrieve your bag of (chocolate) gold coins!

Glencoe Public Library

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